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Wellthy Juice Co.

Business: Cold-Pressed Juices, Toasts, Wellness Cafe

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Services: Full Brand Identity Package and Packaging


Through partnering with Goodnature and Wellthy Juice Co., we created a brand identity inspired by a sleek, modern approach to health and wellness. A clever play on 'health is wealth', the customer is wealthy when they're feeling well. With a salon background, the client came requesting purples, greens, and a clean yet fun look that would pair easily with their existing business.


In developing the type and imagery for Wellthy, we incorporated a leaf into the notch of the ‘W’ as a subtle indication towards healthy diet. In wanting adaptable logo variations, we found a way to double a juice drop as a seed, incorporating them into a half and whole citrus to use in the different logo variations. Along with the citrus, we created a set of other fruits and veggies found in Wellthy’s products, turning them into a pattern to use as well as individually. These illustrations were incorporated into the juice labels and other packaging for the business. We paired a lighter shade of purple and a light teal-green shade to accompany deep green and purple.


Additional photography via Wellthy social media. 

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