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Trey Duncan Music

Business: Independent Musician

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Services: Full Branding Service


Trey is an independent "Country Rock’n’Soul" artist based out of Greenville, SC and has been performing professionally since 2019. He marries his Chris Stapleton-esque vocals with a light-hearted smile and versatile guitar chops. When he came to me requesting branding, we knew we had to incorporate traditional elements that paid homage to his musical roots, but with a fun Trey Duncan twist.


The fonts and styling we landed on invoke a rustic, old-school country music-feel to the branding, helping Trey's personal branding feel established. Outside of music, Trey is drawn to all things science, loving dinosaurs in particular. When considering merchandise and engaging imagery, I developed the t-rex skull with cowboy hat to give a fun nod to Trey's personality. He has since used that design for a number of pieces, including stickers, tshirts and posters.

Catch him playing throughout South Carolina, and listen to his music here

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