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Lotus Bowls & Juicery

Business: Cold-Pressed Juices, Açaí Bowls, Smoothies and Treats

Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Services: Full Rebrand Services, Signage and Collateral, Web Design


In collaboration with Goodnature and Lotus Bowls, we rebranded this business to ‘Lotus Bowls & Juicery’, expanding their capabilities and giving their identity a facelift. Keeping their signature shade of purple, we reimagined their lotus imagery and gave them additional assets to use in their business. The result was the preservation of the fun, established brand with a new elevated look and feel. 


As we kept the dark purple signature to Lotus Bowls, I knew it would be helpful to offer an additional new light purple shade as well as a contrasting, soft green for enhancement. We ended with a strong yet soft palette that didn’t feel overpowering, as purples flowed through the shop. I developed the lotus flower became more abstract, steering away from clichéd flower icons seen used time and time again. The resulting imagery married seamlessly with the new, bold script font, able to stand on its own as an additional icon. The strength of the new Lotus Bowls & Juicery logo translates across all of the many facets of their business, from merchandise to juice labels.

Additional photography via Lotus Bowls & Juicery social media 

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