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The Lovely Lemon Juice Co.

Business: Cold-Pressed Juices and Smoothies

Location: Casper, Wyoming

Services: Full Brand Identity Package and Packaging


Partnering with Goodnature and ACS Juices, we created a new standout brand in Casper, Wyoming that paid tribute to the basics: making lemonade. The goal was to establish a brand that had a fresh look with touches of vintage elements through fonts and hand drawn illustrations, invoking nostalgia. The final product included a full logo suite and refined brand illustrations that leave a lasting impression.


After deciding on the new name ‘The Lovely Lemon Juice Co.’, I knew various lemon images had to remain at the forefront. The client requested detailed hand drawings, which came through in a vintage looking crest and a variety of ingredient drawings that appear lightly in the background of the juice labels. I developed additional simplified lemon logo variations, that are carried by a bold outline and lofty script font. Other logo variations with and without lemon imagery were delivered to the client to ensure maximum capability from the branding package. With the boldness of the perfect lemon yellow, I balanced it with an earthy green found in lemon tree leaves, and an additional lighter green to round out the loveliest palette of all.


Additional photography via The Lovely Lemon Juice Co. social media 

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